What’s the Most Trusted Brand in Health and Wellness?

Our department recently conducted a nationwide poll asking 12,300 people what they think is the most trusted brand for health and wellness. We then posed this same question to Johns Hopkins Medicine employees. Interestingly, the responses were quite different for the two groups, though there were some similarities.

Nearly 50 percent of the national consumers who responded associate health and wellness with insurance companies, with BlueCross BlueShield at 32.5 percent and Kaiser Permanente at 17.3 percent. In contrast, nearly 75 percent of our employee respondents said that the most trusted brands for health and wellness were caregivers, with Johns Hopkins at 51 percent and Mayo Clinic at 23.4 percent.

Though this data can be interpreted in a number of ways, it’s critical for us to acknowledge which brands occupy the health and wellness space in the minds of national consumers. Only by understanding the health care climate and marketplace will we thrive amid the rapid changes that we face.

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