How to Engage Millennial and Generation Z Colleagues

Staff, faculty and students who are 35 and younger now make up about 36 percent of the Johns Hopkins Medicine family. I recently had the opportunity to learn more about millennial and Generation Z colleagues from Tina Wells, an inspiring and dynamic expert on marketing to young people. Wells started Buzz Marketing Group when she […]

Better Health Care, Technically Speaking

A few weeks ago, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase announced they were forming their own health care company, one that would use technology to lower costs. In China, tech giants Alibaba and Tencent are already changing health care, most recently with artificial intelligence that helps doctors interpret medical scans. I believe we have […]

President Kevin Sowers: An Inspirational New Leader at Johns Hopkins

Throughout my career, I’ve known many amazing leaders and colleagues who have the knowledge, background and talent to help countless people through our field. I’ve also known a few who possess those attributes along with the natural ability to connect with and inspire others. Kevin Sowers, the recently appointed president of Johns Hopkins Health System, […]

How Do Physicians Want to Receive Information? We Asked Them.

Recent national surveys of physicians show that the content we’re creating at Hopkins is helpful to them as they seek information within their specialties. Through various communications vehicles, we share news of our research breakthroughs and clinical innovations or case studies. From the quality of medical information and readability, to the sophistication of visual storytelling […]

The Reproducibility Crisis: How Can We Help Ensure the Future of Reliable Research?

Medical scientists strive constantly to make breakthroughs that will improve human health. But what happens when researchers at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere produce promising results once and are unable to achieve those same results again in experiments? After all, replication of conditions is a cornerstone of all scientific research. According to Stuart Ray, vice chair […]