Why Institutions Should Provide for Human Collaboration and Innovation

Leading up to my recent visit to the Technology Innovation Center at Johns Hopkins, I was palpably excited. There, five teams would present their newly created business startups and software solutions to a seasoned group of industry insiders and leaders for feedback. My excitement, as it turned out, was entirely warranted. It was all about […]

Precision Marketing and Digital Business Strategy: It’s Still About People

I recently contributed an article to Marketing Tech Insights about how marketing is being transformed because of the vast amount of data that is available and our increased ability to digitally connect. I wrote about the amazing speed at which we gain consumer feedback, and how we are delivering better messages, improved educational information and […]

Why Can’t We Move Faster to Impact Health and Wellness?

I’ve written before about how data and technology are constantly reshaping nearly every aspect of our lives—including our health care. And, Apple’s recent open-source software ResearchKit and CareKit are just two examples of the powerful tools that are being realized by today’s brightest technologists and medical minds. Some of the world’s most renowned medical institutions […]