Unsung Heroes in Our Community

There are so many people at Johns Hopkins who make our institution and city great. I’m not just thinking of our medical experts and researchers who are regularly in the news, though they are clearly amazing. I’m actually thinking of the many other wonderful people who come to work here every day and make our patients’ and colleagues’ lives better in their own realms of influence — whether that’s in nursing, nutrition, security or patient services.

These unsung heroes may not expect to be in the spotlight, but they certainly deserve it.

And that’s why I was so excited and moved to see that local news station WBAL-TV recently decided to showcase businesses in Baltimore and the behind-the-scenes employees who make valuable contributions to our city. Johns Hopkins was the first employer to be spotlighted in this weekly segment airing on Fridays throughout the summer. Our staff members Carol Gangapersad, Penny Morgan Smith, Kristen Winding, Yariela Kerr-Donovan, Daisha Washington and Anthony Walker were all featured.

Whether hearing from Mr. Walker in security about his thoughtful, kind interactions with patients or listening to Ms. Gangapersad in nutrition about the pride and delight she takes in the excellent food and service that she and her colleagues deliver, I could genuinely feel their passion for Johns Hopkins and our community.

In their devotion, hard work and compassion, all of the featured employees embody the spirit of Johns Hopkins. Please join me in heartfelt thanks to them and to all of the unsung heroes of our institution and city.

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