A New Age of Ultra-Connectivity

Our best medical scientists often talk about how we are on the cusp of a new age of biomedical discovery thanks to innovative and emerging technologies.

They might illustrate the point by noting that we can sequence a human genome in hours — a task that used to take years. Or they may enthuse about how our ability to mine vast sets of data has exponentially expanded in just a few short years, offering profound insights into human health.

It’s really true, isn’t it? We are on the cusp of a new age of biomedical discovery! And in the field of Marketing and Communications, my colleagues and I have the privilege of telling that story.

But in our own industry, we too have arrived at our own new age. It’s one of ultra-connectivity, and with that comes a vastly increased capacity to improve the health of our communities and the world.

To me, the two most exciting things that are happening in our daily lives and in the field of communications are our ability to connect with people and our increased capacity to understand the preferences of consumers through advanced research and data analysis.

Today, we reach countless more people via social media and the Web than ever, and in health care, we connect them with valuable medical advice and the right caregivers when they need them most. We’re also measuring our effectiveness at doing so. Because if we don’t measure, how will we know if we’re improving?

We create apps that empower people to manage their own health and  help maintain the wellness of our patients in an era when population health is becoming critically important. The field is vast, and it’s open for more innovation in education and behavioral change around preventive medicine.

By tapping market research data, we now foresee which geographic areas, which referring physicians and particular demographics we need to focus on to do the most good for humanity while meeting our institutions’ business needs.

At this moment, the role of communicators has never been more important to improving health and wellness for people all over the world, especially when those communicators are skilled in listening to consumers, data analysis, and the technologies that connect us.  When I wake up each day, I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

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