Precision Marketing and Digital Business Strategy: It’s Still About People

I recently contributed an article to Marketing Tech Insights about how marketing is being transformed because of the vast amount of data that is available and our increased ability to digitally connect. I wrote about the amazing speed at which we gain consumer feedback, and how we are delivering better messages, improved educational information and real-time support to consumers. Indeed, technology, data and connectivity help us automate some of our tasks, save us time and provide us with powerful insights.

But I want to add that without the human touch—qualities such as business acumen, intuition and compassion—we can’t act on the information that technology affords. Ultimately, it’s people who chart the future of our institutions. They do so based on inherent human talents. Such gifts can never be replaced by technology, but they can work in profound concert with one another to create greater benefit for all.

At Johns Hopkins Medicine—an institution that straddles the worlds of higher education, health care delivery and academic medicine—we are on a journey to better understand the expectations and needs of our students, patients and colleagues. Our digital strategy helps us connect with our consumers, obtain and interpret their feedback instantaneously, and engage them in meaningful dialogues and interactions. As technology evolves, so too does our digital strategy and the tools we use to evaluate where our consumers are—geographically and virtually—and where we should invest resources. We do this to improve the health and lives of our patients and their families, and the well-being of our communities and the world.

Read the full article here.

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