Fearless Curiosity

Two months ago, I found surprisingly detailed brand intelligence data from a group called Morning Consult. I engaged them for additional insight, and now we are learning things we never tested before about The Johns Hopkins Hospital, our school of medicine and The Johns Hopkins University.

Information like this in real time is essential to understanding what consumers are thinking, so we can continue to strengthen the Johns Hopkins brand.

Morning Consult surveys 200 demographically diverse people per brand per day, asking what they think of our Johns Hopkins institutions, including whether they are trustworthy, admired employers and beneficial to the community.

The survey also measures awareness by asking respondents if they’ve heard of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and measures “buzz” by asking if they’ve seen, heard or read something about it in the previous two weeks. The report also looks at social media mentions, and whether they are positive, negative or neutral.  We can compare our results to those of similar institutions.

A three-month analysis of The Johns Hopkins Hospital shows that our admired employer score of 45 percent puts us above our peers, and our 82 percent brand recognition ties us in first place with the Mayo Clinic. We were ahead of both the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic in positive Twitter sentiment, even though we had fewer Twitter mentions.


With Morning Consult, we can visualize our scores over time, giving us tremendous opportunity to question and learn.

For example, The Johns Hopkins Hospital recently saw a dip in its “net promoter” score, meaning fewer people said they would be highly likely to recommend the hospital to a friend or colleague.

We used Morning Consult’s “word cloud” feature to see which words were trending on Twitter, and hypothesized that the declines were related to news stories about a hospital patient who had been charged with a 2015 California murder.

Diving deep into the numbers is hard work, but it’s the only way to truly understand brand awareness and perception. This is particularly important at a time when young people say they go out of their way to choose brands that align with their values.

I strive for fearless curiosity. It’s the only way our brands, our people and our values can be their absolute best.

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