Why Institutions Should Provide for Human Collaboration and Innovation

Leading up to my recent visit to the Technology Innovation Center at Johns Hopkins, I was palpably excited. There, five teams would present their newly created business startups and software solutions to a seasoned group of industry insiders and leaders for feedback. My excitement, as it turned out, was entirely warranted. It was all about […]

How We Explain Our Marketing Services to Our Colleagues

In this unprecedented age of digital connectivity and predictive modeling, we in the field of marketing and planning are uniquely positioned to reach — and help — more people than ever. But not long ago, I realized that how we come to understand consumer behaviors, mine admissions and population data, and gauge physician preferences may not be […]

Three Principles for Change in a Complex Organization

As in any industry that touches so many people’s lives, health care can, at times, be as byzantine as it is inspiring. We help improve the health of countless people—yes!—but we are often challenged by complex external forces: from policy shifts to evolving payment systems. At times, we are also slowed by our own internal […]

Precision Marketing and Digital Business Strategy: It’s Still About People

I recently contributed an article to Marketing Tech Insights about how marketing is being transformed because of the vast amount of data that is available and our increased ability to digitally connect. I wrote about the amazing speed at which we gain consumer feedback, and how we are delivering better messages, improved educational information and […]

Can’t Categorize Millennials? It Might Be Better Not to Try!

In a recent New York Times article titled “Trying to Pin Down the Mosaic of Millennial Tastes,” writer Sarah Lyall explores the ways that media companies are hedging their bets on the millennial market and feverishly targeting the wide swath of people born between 1977 and 1995. Lyall brings up the prevailing cliché that older people […]