Why Can’t We Move Faster to Impact Health and Wellness?

I’ve written before about how data and technology are constantly reshaping nearly every aspect of our lives—including our health care. And, Apple’s recent open-source software ResearchKit and CareKit are just two examples of the powerful tools that are being realized by today’s brightest technologists and medical minds. Some of the world’s most renowned medical institutions […]

Success: Does Trust and Faith in People Drive It?

In a New York Times op-ed this month, columnist Nicholas Kristof explores the reasons for Asian-Americans’ tremendous success in the United States—from real and perceived stereotypes to what he sees as the realities of their familial and cultural environments. He’s of the opinion that strong, two-parent families and a great value on education is the […]

At What Price?

By now, most of you have surely read or heard about the controversial New York Times article about Amazon’s workplace culture, along with the ensuing article from the Guardian and defense statements from Amazon and its supporters. In the piece, the writers describe an environment in which perpetual and precise measurement of employee contributions, and […]